TCB-Cruise 2023

Triest – on Sea – Katakolon – Piraeus – Kusadasi – Istanbul – on Sea – Korfu – Bari – Triest

Italy – Greece – Türkiye


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The original musicians of Elvis Presley live. The King’s best friends up close. A cruise ship of the highest category. And a one-week trip to the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean Sea. These are the ingredients of the TCB Cruise, a cruise that honors the greatest entertainer of all times in an inimitable way. When the MSC Splendida leaves the port of Trieste on May 27th, 2023, a dream and travel through time begins for the passengers. Never before have been more friends and musicians of Elvis Presley gathered on one ship. The Elvis world has never been more completed. And never before have fans from all over the world got the chance to get so close to the King’s closest associates.

The TCB Cruise brings the musicians together who worked with Elvis in the studio in the 1960s and toured in the 1970s

Featuring: From the Stamps Quartet – “Gospel Music Hall of Fame” member and Elvis bass singer Larry Strickland, the legendary Holladay Sisters together with Donna Rhodes, who accompanied the King’s greatest hits from 1969 onwards, Elvis’ pianist and arranger Glenn D. Hardin, Nashville super drummer Paul Leim and Dennis Jale.

For the first time, a “true” Presley will accompany the TCB cruise as a “special guest”: Elvis’ cousin Donna Presley will talk about her time at Graceland.

We are very pleased that Donna Tutt, the widow of legendary Elvis drummer Ronnie Tutt, will be there and will tell many stories and anecdotes from her touring life with Elvis and Ronnie.

The biggest sensation on board, however, is Linda Thompson. The longtime Elvis-love is joined by her brother, close Elvis friend & bodyguard, Sam Thompson. On the TCB Cruise, Linda will now for the first time – together with Louise Thompson – talk about what is probably the most exciting, but also the most bizarre time of her life. She will raise a legend for the fans that will probably never happen again in the music world.


Program items are: concerts, meet & greets, autograph sessions, photo sessions, talk shows, Elvis cinema & disco


Those fantastic musicians und Special guests are waiting for you!

Linda Thompson

Originally from Memphis, the former Miss Tennessee met Elvis in 1972. Elvis was immediately “on fire” with the extremely cheerful and funny young lady and the two became a couple. For more than five years – until 1976 – Linda was always at Elvis’ side.The long time Elvis-love will be accompanied by Elvis close friend & bodyguard Sam Thompson. On the Cruise Linda – together with Louise Thompson – will be talking about the most exciting but also bizarrest time in her live. She will rise for her fans a legend that the music world never has seen before.

Donna Presley

On board will be a „real“ Presley: Donna Kay Presley. Elvis first cousine grew up at Graceland and the Circle G Ranch and lived there until her wedding. Donna will have many new stories to share with the fans from growing up around her famous cousin Elvis.

Ginger Holladay & Donna Rhodes

1969 – American Sound Studios in Memphis, Tennessee – Elvis Presley was working on his mega comeback singing hits like „Suspicious Minds”, “In The Ghetto” and “Burning Love”- Everyone knows these legendary Elvis songs, The talented Holladay sisters and Donna Rhodes recorded with Elvis on some of his greatest hits of the 60s and 70s and wrote music history. The girls also recorded many other big hits with great stars like Cher, Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed and Dolly Parton.

Donna Tutt

Donna met legendary Elvis drummer Ronnie Tutt on a 1973 flight from LA to Hawaii. Just a few months later, Ron & Donna were married and remained so for over 49 years until 2021. Donna accompanied the Elvis entourage to the last concerts and will tell us stories and anecdotes from her life with Ronnie & Elvis “On Tour” up close and authentically.

Glen D. Hardin

The man at the piano arranged countless world hits for his friend Elvis Presley – including „The Wonder Of You“, “Suspicious Minds” and „Bridge Over Troubled Water“. But Glenn D. Hardin has been a popular musician since 1962. He has shared the stage with Sammy Davis Jr., was in the studio with Sonny & Cher and is friends with Tina Turner. Elvis Elvis only once said to his bustling piano player: „The wildest guy in my crew, is Glen D. Hardin, too!“

Dennis Jale

Dennis Jale is one of Austria’s most famous Rock’n’Roll-entertainers. In the mid-90s, he founded the Jam Gang together with guitarist Goran Mikulec. One of the most successful shows in his tight touring schedule is the Rocking Christmas Show with the Sweet Inspirations, the original backing vocals of Elvis Presley. Since 2003, Dennis Jale performs with the TCB-Band, the original line-up of Elvis Presley in Austria’s largest concert halls. But Dennis Jale also wins as a songwriter. On his CDs you will find both reinterpreted covers and self-composed songs that carry the diverse musical thumbprint of his multi-talent.

Larry Strickland

In 1974 Larry Strickland became a member of the legendary gospel group “JD Summner & Stamps Quartet”. This also meant that Larry was immediately on the road and in the studio with the “King of Rock and Roll”. He accompanied Elvis on his last recordings – the Jungle Room Sessions – at Graceland and was “Live on Stage” with Elvis until his last concert in June 1977!

Sam Thompson

Sam was a police officer in Memphis in 1972 when he was hired by Elvis to be his personal security chief. No Elvis on Tour photo that does not show Sam Thompson on the right, left, or behind the King. Sam worked for Elvis until his death in 1977. After that, he then graduated from law school and became a judge, working in Las Vegas, Nevada until his retirement in 2010.

Paul Leim

The from Nashville, Tennessee originated drummer has been for 40+ years the hit drummer to the stars, TV shows and Movies. Playing on superhits for Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, Barry Manillow, Faith Hill, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Patrick Swayze or Lionel Richie and kept time at 25 Grammy albums. Live, Paul played for Tom Jones, the big screen show „Elvis the Concert“, Neil Diamond or Lynda Carter.

Sam's Fever

The group “Sam’s Fever” was founded in 2012 with the idea of interpreting the music of the King of Rock’n’Roll in their own unique way. In 2015, the band presented this idea at the first Elvis Music Contest as part of the 14th European Elvis Festival. She convinced the audience and the jury with her interpretation and took first place. Sam’s Fever did not go unnoticed by Elvis fans. Their activity and uncompromising loyalty to Elvis music brought them closer to Dennis Jale and last but not least to the Elvis musicians, and so it happened that they have shared the stage several times. A real friendship has developed between the artists. The band Sam’s Fever will perform their own interpretations of Elvis’ songs at several concerts on the TCB Worldcruise, with the following categories: “Elvis’ Lovesongs”, “The Rock’n’roll Story”, “Aloha From Hawaii Edition”, “Sam’s Fever with Friends – Sing Like The King” and “Elvis in Hollywood”.


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Whether it’s Italy, Montenegro, Greece or Croatia, a Mediterranean cruise lets you experience the best of the Mediterranean in one voyage. Discover numerous cultural and historical sights on a dreamlike cruise.

Triest – Katakolon – Piraeus – Kusadasi – Istanbul – Korfu – Bari – Triest




Inside cabin
per Person € 1.199,-

Outside cabin
per Person € 1.299,-

Balcony cabin
per Person € 1.599,-

Junior Suite
upon request


Inside cabin
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Outside cabin
per Person € 1.399,-

Balcony cabin Fantastica
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Balcony cabin Aurea
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Junior Suite
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TCB Event-Package

Welcome aboard the TCB CRUISE 2023
The event package includes:
  • Two concerts
    • The Concert Show (Early Admission and Preferred Seating)
    • Gospel show
  • Stars of the TCB Cruise: Donna Presley, Linda Thompson, Donna Tutt, Glen D. Hardin, Sam & Louis Thompson, Ginger Holladay, Larry Strickland of the Stamps Quartet, Donna Rhodes, Paul Leim & Dennis Jale
  • Autograph sessions with all of Elvis’ companions
  • Meet & Greet with all the stars of the TCB Cruise
  • Lady’s Talk-show with Linda & Louise Thompson, Donna Presley and Donna Tutt
  • Talk-shows with the original musicians of the King
  • Elvisland as a daily meeting point
  • Elvis-Cinema
  • Sam’s Fever with 4 Tribute-Theme-Shows
  • Elvis disco including karaoke “Sing like the King”
  • Farewell meeting with all the stars of the cruise on the last evening on the ship


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